Denton secrets


Denton, Texas


“Equipment ran night and day, nonstop for several years,

carving out a huge underground base beneath the Denton countryside.”

OX Yucca Mountain Boring Machine

My name is ************. Recently I was examining “Denton Secrets” when I located the site of the abandoned underground base in east Denton.

Topo 1

I knew that any underground facility would require fresh water in, waste water out, as well as electricity throughout.


When I found these features clustered together on an United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey published in 1960 for Denton Texas, I knew I was on the right track.


The east Denton topo map shows the location of three wells that supplied fresh water to the underground base, a sewage disposal system that pumped waste water up and out to the surface and a sub station that provided electricity for the lights, fans, pumps and motors needed in the underground base.

Aerial 3

This topo map also shows several rectangular structures in the east Denton area. The largest structure is on a dirt road that is the present day northwest corner of South Woodrow Lane and Shady Oaks Drive.

This structure was frozen in time in an aerial photograph taken in 1964. It measures 100 feet by 400 feet. I believe it marks the location of the entrance to an underground base in east Denton.


Today, a huge building sits on a huge concrete foundation in the exact spot shown on the topo and photo of east Denton. Abandoned and too massive to move, the entrance has been hidden in plain sight with the hope that it would one day be forgotten.




Mini warehouse